Find supermarket food with
still-fresh discounts of up to 70% around Finland


Being food-friendly doesn’t need to be expensive

On Froodly’s food rescue app, you can find all of the great supermarket products that have still-fresh discounts around Finland, allowing you to save 30-70% when shopping for your favourite food and beverage items. Not only can you save money, but together we can also reduce food waste and ensure that this good food finds hungry bellies!

Available for: iOS ANDROID

Looking for free food and coffee? We’ve got you covered!

Froodly is looking to find people who are passionate about making a difference and want to help us reduce supermarket food waste. Contributors upload pictures of products that have still-fresh discounts that they see in their favourite supermarkets, and in exchange they earn great rewards like discounts and free coffee and food from our partner stores!


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